Day 28 – Feeling Good About 2018 (in retrospect)

Earlier today I reviewed my 2018 goals and whether I achieved them or not. Good news, two of three were met! On top of that, my day planner that I use has a spot to review your accomplishments and I had one that stood out for the year.

Earlier this year I got news that my proposal for a solo exhibit was accepted by International Quilt Festival for fall 2018. It was to be a combination of my Kirby Krackle quilts and my cosplay costumes that I had made for my Sew Much Cosplay business. There were 3 quilts and 1 costume that was were to be made new for the exhibit! I had my work cut out for me.

The exhibit was amazing. I have never been more proud. I received so many lovely comments about it. I worked hard to showcase both of my businesses and there it was in its physical form.

Now this exhibit will be hosted at Road to California next month! Awesome! On to 2019!