Day 29 – Top 5 Blog Posts from 2019

Last year I posted about the top 5 blog posts according to the number of hits they got, and I thought I would do that again! Be sure to click through to read them!

#5 is “Spool School _ Which Way Does It Go?“, which I published back in January about how to tell which way a spool of thread should be positioned on your machine. It’s super helpful if you are new to quilting or sewing.

#4 is “Honoring the broken needle – Hari Kuyo” which was published in February. This was about the Japanese tradition of honoring your broken needles that happens in February.

#3 is a throwback to Nov 2018’s popular post on the Facebook Quilt Scams. More on this one later…

#2 is from April, and is all about “Basics for Labeling your Quilts“. This one surprised me as being so popular, and wow, so many of us are bad at labeling our quilts!

And last but not least, #1…again for the second year in a row… is the 2018 post about Facebook Quilt Scams. I get messages all the time from people who have been taken in by these and want to know what to do about them, but unfortunately, I have no way for them to recover their money.

So there you have it! Top posts from me and my blog for 2019!