Day 3 – Machines, Mermaids, and More!

Today is all about showing your machine, and while I sew on my BERNINA 750 QE normally, I thought I would show you this machine I picked up at an auction for $8! So many of us collect machines that are decorative for our homes, but this is the first Illinois machine I ever found.

I’m in Colorado at the taping for our new season of Con Crunch. If you didn’t know, I’m the host of a cosplay show. It’s a bit different to be on the hosting side and not in the “talent” end. It’s a great show about the challenges facing various cosplayers while they finish their costumes last minute.

This cosplay costume of mine is pretty special. I made the tail for an episode of Its Sew Easy, and the corset was from a different project. My mom (who recently passed away) loved mermaids, and I do wish she could have seen me in this cosplay.