December’s weekly theme- GEARS

What a theme I picked to end the year….

These little gears were a real pain in the you-know-what to cut out. I designed about 4 gears total, because more would have killed me. The cramping in my hand over cutting the templates, and then the fused fabric, totally sucked.
On the other hand, they look somewhat as I intended. These are ideas for a larger design I plan to do for my dining room, which happens to be a golden yellow with black furniture. I wanted a more “steampunk” look to them, but I will need more flourishes and “lace” to go with the gears in the larger work to pull that off. In the end I am happy with it. This does complete “year two” of the weekly quilts. I’ll post more on a look back at whatI learned in doing them in my next post.