Defenders of the Night

I was already an adult when the Disney cartoon “Gargoyles” came out. I love the show. I recorded as many as I could. The last season aired when I had already moved to Baltimore. I collected the toys and merchandise. I was a huge fan.

In fact, my soon to be husband bought me a gift of a Gargoyles toy as his first gift for me. And on our first Valentine’s day, this motif of Goliath, the main character, was made for me. He cut out about 50 or so of these at 2 inches high and taped them from varying lengths from the ceiling for me as a surprise. I still have all of them, still with the strings attached. I still DVR the show from it’s 3:30 am Toon Disney timeslot.

This was an easy choice for a “personal shrine” quilt, as I used to have all of my Gargoyles merchandise collected in one area much like a shrine. The letters of the title were not so easy, even after working with fonts all through March, but I wanted the “flavor” of the show, not a reproduction. I bound the edges with a fused binding as well, and that made the edges easy to do.