Die-Cut Fabric Holiday Cards Tutorial

Cheryl's 2013 Holiday Card Every year I make my own Christmas cards to mail to my friends and family. I was super excited to make this year’s card with my new Slice Die Cutting machine. Here’s what I did to make the cards!

What you will need:
-cards and envelopes (I get my blanks in bulk from Michaels)
-fabric that you have painted, or any nice fabric you want to cut (like a batik!)
-paper-backed fusible web
-Die cutting machine and your die of choice (I’m using the Slice, and the snowflake on the card that comes with the machine)
-rubber stamp for the inside saying for your card and a stamp pad in the color of your choice
-an iron
– a sewing machine set to free motion quilt (feed dogs dropped) for the embellishment
xmasfabric 1. Start with fabric of your choice. I painted my own fabric using these awesome Tulip spray paints and various stencils. You can use any fabric you like, a fancy batik would look awesome!
2. I ironed the fusible web to the entire backside of the fabric, so that I could cut anywhere and minimize waste, but use what you need to for the fusible that you have. It’s important to fuse the paper backed fusible on the fabric before you cut!
slicexmas 3. Time to cut! Get your machine out, and use your favorite die. Ornaments can be made out of circles, trees from triangles, presents from squares, so use your imagination! I loved this snowflake, so I chose that, and on my Slice, I picked the largest setting. Cut away!
xmascutout Something to keep in mind is the placement of the machine while you cut. I place the machine at angles to keep my fabric waste to a minimum. Who knows what you can make from the scraps!
xmasflakes 4. Now is the time to further embellish your die cut out with paint, markers, or pens. I used black paint to paint little faces on all these snowflakes.
xmascardassemble 5. Time to iron to your card! Peel off the paper backing and place your cut-out on your card. MAKE SURE YOUR IRON IS CLEAN. Ask me how I know? Use a medium heat and iron the cut-out to the card. Keep your iron moving. Now is also the time to stamp the inside saying on your cards, and give them a chance to dry. (I also stamp my website info on the backs.)
xmascards 6. Lastly it’s time to sew on the cards to add that last bit of pizzazz! For my snowflake, I made it look like it’s just been spinning in the sky. You could make bows on packages, or the hanging string from ornaments, whatever you like! Be sure to sew carefully so you don’t create any thread nests on the backs of the cards, and also clip all of your thread tails. Voila! You have beautiful cards that everyone will clamor for! My friends save them and put them up every year as little works of art, which makes me feel so special. I would love to see what you make!!  Don’t forget to sign the front of your artwork!