Do you have dreams of a place you once visited?

I used to work in the theatre. Like for real, a paying job in the theatre industry! This , of course, was WELL before my career in the comic book industry, which started in 1997.

I used to work for a children’s theatre company called Soupstone Productions. I was a little bit of everything to this company, and one of my jobs during the show was to run the lights.

Did I mention this was an old movie and vaudeville theatre built in 1919? It even had a Wurlitzer organ. But it’s lighting system has not changed since then and the old light board was hand cranked! I loved working here.

Charlie and I went to see a Christmas movie at the theatre and it brought back all the memories. I still remember climbing up in the rafters to that dome and adjusting those lights. And running the spotlight from the projection booth. And the basement dressing rooms. I still have dreams of this place and the shows there. (and this Christmas song makes me CRY every time…)