Domo Arigato

More cute robots. This guy’s arms could have had a bit more contrast. You can’t see them on the blue body that well. I should have done purple or black. C’est la vie!
I appreciate the comments on my last post. Art doesn’t have to have a reason. Right now, I’ll make art and not apologize for it. Much like B.W.O., which I linked to some time last week, in which people who want to blog can just “blog” without apologizing for not “blogging” lately. Apologize to your friends for not writing, don’t apologize to the ether for not blogging. In that same vein, why make art for a reason if you don’t have to? I mean, I do have some reasons to make art: A postcard project for CyberFiber, and some online ATCs, and I would like to finish the journal quilt that I missed the deadline on just to complete the idea and get it out of my head. So there are bunches of things I can do, I just don’t have to be sorry about it.
On another note, two things are going on here: One is we are having built in bookcases put in the next 2 week sometime. We’re very excited to finally have our library come together. Second, I’m pulling together some cool stuff for a giveaway on my blog! Woo woo! So if you are a regular reader, you could be a winner! Oh, and if you work at OfficeMax in the Chicago area, and you visited my blog on 8/20/08, please email me, you were my 5000th visitor and I want to send you something cool.