Down the spiral

The house is still chaotic, so I went to one of my last doodles from week 3-4. Week 28

This week has been very non-arty. I am writing a technical manual and it’s so bland and dry I could curl up and die everytime I have to sit and write it. But as an unusual side-effect, I’m NOT bursting with creative energy. I don’t feel creative at all. This manual is sucking the creative life out of me.
On the other hand, I am going to the San Diego Comic Con next week, so I have to think of a project to take with me, and I also have a few obligation projects to get done. I joined a new ATC swap on, so I am looking forward to starting that back up. The new studio is helping, and I am thinking of all kinds of things to adorn it with. At the con, I hope to get inspired and take a few photos and make some sketches that will fuel me for a while.