Dryer Sheets

I found that Setacolor fabric dye will dye used and re-washed dryer anti-static sheets. I was dyeing some fat eighths and I had leftover dye. I also dyed a “color catcher”, those things from Shout brands that you throw into the wash with things that might bleed onto your laundry. It took the color pretty well. I’ll get some pictures of them up here soon. Funny….it was a beautiful sunny Sunday until I started dyeing outside. That’s when the clouds rolled in. So much for SetaColor sun painting… The dryer sheets were very bright until I washed them in Synthrapol, but they are still definitely dyed. Next time I will use more concentrated dye, mine was a little thin.

In the meantime, I have some new ATCs on my trading card page, as well as all of my dimensional flower projects on my 3-D page. Here is a card made from vintage Kimono fabric.