End of an Age

The time for Maryland is past.
I didn’t post because the move was in full swing. DH came to take the last of the furniture away, I moved in with a quilter friend and her family, and closed on the house. I made a quilt that weekend, so my weekly streak is uninterrupted.
That week’s quilt symbolized new land and a journey into unknown. What lies beyond the hills, or around the bend in the water? I adapted this design from a very small (maybe 1 inch square) piece of silver cloisonne on display in my quilter friend’s house.
I drove like mad and heard this song, over and over. I liked it alot, until I heard it 35 times.
I got here in the Chicagoland area with time to spare to make a new quilt, and so goes the streak! I am on track to make 26 uninterrupted quilts. Here is a really bad picture of the one I did this week. My scanner, etc is in storage, so a digital pic will have to do.

This design came from my head during the drawing of form and line back around week 3-4. I was saving it for a time when time was on the crunch, which was now.

This week’s is almost done. The designs are simple because I don’t have a lot of room to work, but in looking at houses, a hobby room of my own is definitely in the plan.