EOL (End of Line)

Ahh, programmer talk… anyway, this is the end of the line theme for January. Everytime I looked up “line” as a principle or element of art, I got line drawings. Now, I guess I could have put this on a different color, making week 2 stick out like a sore thumb, but what’s done is done. I like the drawing, but sewing over the image throught he paper caused the stitches to pull a bit, and caused the “wobbly-ness” of the black thread quilting. Again, it’s done, and I am not going back. I did some other projects this weekend too, and will have posts through out the week to show them off.

I was not as inspired by the BBVD concert as I had hoped to make a quilt this week.

Also, I have until Friday to finish my monthly large themed project that was another New Year’s resolution, but we’ll see how far I get this week, given that tomorrow is my birthday and a Divas art quilting meeting.

So much fun and so little time.