Favorite Fabrics

I have many favorite fabrics in my collection, but my stand-by staple of the studio is “Southern Belle”, a white muslin that I use in almost EVERYTHING.
This stuff has the hand of a batik, and takes paint, photo transfer, and everything else I can do to it like a real champ.
I was recently down to my last yard, and went to the quilt shop nearby to restock.  
Southern Belle has changed, she has a new, lesser quality hand.  I am devastated!   Oh, Springs, how could you!?  I use this fabric in and on everything I can.  It’s the back of all of my small work, and many times it’s on the front too!  This is like when the Jennifer Sampou swirl tone on tones went out of print.  So sad for me!
Have you ever had a beloved favorite fabric change or go out of print?  Tell me!