Getting back into a groove

31 day blog challenge (1)


When I came up with the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge, I really wanted to get myself back into the swing of blogging again.  I had no idea that over 90 others would be joining me!  Go check out the blogs on this journey with me, it’s really awesome to see everyone blogging.

cosplay2Not only am I getting myself in a groove to write, but I’m getting back into my sewing groove too.  I spent most of the summer planning and making my Cosplay costume for my appearance on It’s Sew Easy. (That will be a separate blog post because it’s a great costume and I loved being on the show.) This costume took a lot out of me to make, as I hadn’t made a garment in a long time.  But now, I’m designing quilts again, and it feels great.  I’ll be sharing some of these quilt projects soon!