Goodnight, sweet baby kitty

Our cat Bangles was born 16 years ago this week and died a year ago. We still miss this sweet kitty. I was very spoiled, she was my first pet, and was very very ill at the end. She was grey, with bands around her tail, and one white spot on her chest that was at the end of a dark band that circled her neck. I called that her “diamond necklace”, and always joked that I was going to take it.
We moved DH to Chicago this week and I drove our current 3 cats out. I designed this quilt in my mind the day before the anniversary of her death, and took all of the pcs with me to make in Chicago this weekend. I appliqued the cat by hand, and as I did, one cat came out of hiding and another sat on my lap while I made it. The third reminds both of us of Bangles, and so in this one quilt, all of them are represented. It’s got cat hairs all over it, and I don’t want to clean them off.
I quilted it after the flight back. I planned to do some kind of background quilting in white, and added the wings literally at the last second. It wasn’t in the original plan, but I like it. I finished it in the weekend, so it’s technically on time.