Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition

Took the day off form work to go to the Greater Chicago Quilt Expo in Schaumburg IL. It was… small. I don’t know if that is because Houston is only a couple of weeks ago or because the big show in April is keeping vendors away, but I was disappointed at the number of vendors there.
There were some beautiful quilts, and as always, quilts that make me say “I could have done that”. I’m considering entering a number of shows next year, but I need some work to enter. I saw two quilts from a mailart aquaintance from Scotland, which was pretty exciting. I had a lot of money to spend, and didn’t barely spend any. Not so many art quilt vendors there. So I am glad I didn’t try to make 2 or more days out of the show! I would have really been bored. But I can always stop by Woodfield Mall, which is practically right next door…
Next stop, Baltimore for a day in the office and a bat mitzvah.