Get An Heirloom Smocking Template Today

Heirloom smocking has never been easier!

“With my Heirloom Smocking Template you will be able to create a wide variety of smocking patterns, using a simple and quick grid technique.  You’ll never do dimensional smocking a different way again!”

-Cheryl Sleboda


If you’ve ever wanted to learn Heirloom Dimensional Smocking (also known as “Canadian Smocking”), then this is the tool you need in your sewing basket.  I’ve developed this template to make sewing these intricate looking designs EASY, FAST, and FUN.

These smocking designs will impress your friends and family, and you’ll be surprised just how easy they are to make.  They are great portable hand sewing projects that you can take anywhere and work on, and the results are always a delightful surprise!


With the Heirloom Smocking Template, you’ll discover:

        • How easy it is to use and sew!
        • An unlimited variety in designs!
        • It cuts time in making your smocking grids by more than half!
        • You can get right to the fun part – sewing, of course!

Included is the “Basketweave” pattern to get you started on your way to making these historic yet modern designs.

With the launch of this template, Cheryl will also be releasing a line of downloadable intricate, beautiful, and fun patterns for you to use with your Heirloom Smocking Template.


ONLY $28.00!!

You can add dimensional work to your:

              • Quilts
              • Garments
              • Home Decor
            • and much, much, more!

Using the template drastically decreases the time you spend working out your pattern so you can get to the fun part – sewing, of course!


Learn how to Smock and follow other videos on the many uses of your Heirloom Smocking Template here!

Also, look for Cheryl’s digital download on Heirloom Sewing from F + W Media for more designs and inspiration! 

Get yours today by clicking here!