Hello…hello again

I like this local radio station alot called Jack FM. It plays mostly 80’s stuff, which I love, but also throws in a few 70’s and 90’s tunes. Today, it was really in gear, and played “Hello again” by the Cars. Holy electronica! I had forgotten all about this song, and how much I liked it! (Did you know Rick Ocasek is from Baltimore? I didn’t either until I moved here.)
Anyway, I was jamming to Jack FM while making this thing. I was trying a technique from a book called “Fabric Leftovers”, of which I have tons, so was a perfect book for me. This is rug canvas. Yup, that stuff you make hooked rugs out of. I actually BOUGHT some and used it on this. It was too stripey for my tastes, so I put the big round sequins on. Too bad you can’t see them sparkle on this scan. They look nice. Yes, that is some of the rug canvas in the bottom right sticking out. There is no batting in this, just a backing sewn on. Also, I bought stripped fabric to use on this square, which is why it’s so matchy-matchy, and defeated the purpose of using “fabric leftovers”….
Yes, this square is done really early. I spent all day out of the house so it could be shown, and came back and banged this out in an hour and a half. Guess I’m bored.