Hey Quilt Shops!

So in October, when it looked like Quilt Market would not be going ahead, Charlie and I found ourselves freaking out.

We had a lot of new merchandise this year we wanted to get into the hands of quilt stores and others, but with no Market, we would not be in the same place as those shops. What were we gonna do?

The thing was, we had been compiling this great big list of stores across the USA by hand, and we thought we could just start reaching out to them ourselves and letting them know about our products and my classes.

But then we thought, what if we put together a virtual wholesale show to get a bunch of us in the same place, so shops could get a lot out of it. And when we started to do the research on it, we found a perfect platform.

That’s how we launched QuiltProConnection so quickly, and now we are telling all the shops about it! It is for those in the trade ONLY, and it’s only $10 to attend! Hurry and sign up if you are a shop!