Hina Matsuri!

It’s Hina Matsuri, and here is my display!  I have a few more things in my Hina collection for this year, including a solar bobble doll set, a beautiful cotton scarf that is hanging as the background, candy from a trip to Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights, and my weekly quilt from my Japanese Doll series. The center item on the platform is sugar candy. 

Click here to see my display from last year! 
I still have my kimono Hello Kitty doll, but she’s not in the picture.   I bought some hina-arare but I ate it already.  There some more hina snacks in the plastic bag on the left of the picture I saved to the actual day.  My DH has become quite enamored with the mochi cakes in the fridge I bought, so let’s hope they last until tonight!  
The next festival is Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing.  It’s far too cold here yet for that, we still have snow.  But it would be a welcome to spring!