Home Sewing Made Easy – a sewing comic book

That’s right, a sewing comic book.  I have been looking for one of these for many years, and I have had many a comic book retailer friend on the lookout for one.  Lo and behold, one popped up on eBay, and it was a charity auction no less, and nabbed it for $10 whole American dollars!  It’s in crummy shape, but it’s rare, so I was happy to have any copy.  An Action Comics #1 (1st appearance of Superman) in bad shape is still a valuable comic book. (And I work in the comic industry, so I guess I would know a little about that!)

These ladies are pretty funny as they go through a series of how to sessions with the new sewing machine.  This comic was a manual/incentive/giveaway that came with the machine.

This one cracks me up.  “Just like a true artist!”  They even go on in later pages to tell you how to match your clothes colors to your hair.   I have to say, the dress making instructions are pretty cool, and totally relevant today.  Alexander Henry made a fabric directly from these panels from this comic. With permisson?  Who knows…the sewing machine manufacturer is no longer in business from what I can tell.  
Want to see more pages?  Tell me in the comments and if there’s enough interest, I’ll post them.