House of Blues

On Saturday, DH and I took my dad to see Nightwish. It was at the House of Blues Chicago. This quilt is inspired by that trip. If you have ever been inside the HOB venue, it has the neatest architecture. Their Vedic principles are above the stage with the Ohm, Star of David and a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe which all, of course, glow under blacklight. I enjoyed making this quilt, and think it could use some beads, or bottle caps.

The Divas bee was pretty cool. It is hosted inside the Naperville Art League building, which is a lovely space. I got to see results from their 14 to 17 things challenge, where members each brought “stuff” like earrings, ribbon, shells, strage fabric, stamps and more, and had to use all of the items in the project. I also saw results from the “lighted” challenge, which used lamps, fiber optics, and more. Not everyone is a fiber artist, not everyone makes “quilts” (there were a couple dolls, some felted creatures, etc.). But I had a great time. In addition, a local framer had gone out of business and gave the group all of the fabric used in framing. I got a great leftover bolt of cream dupioni silk. There’s about a yard and a half on it, which will go great with the stuff I will dye next year. I plan to go back for sure.
I also decided not to go to the POP (Pride of Prairie) guild as I think these two groups (Riverwalk and Divas) are plenty to keep me inspired.
I have been sketching a bit in the past few days, trying to perfect a “cute skull”. I also plan to crack out the watercolors this upcoming weekend.