…Of the blog variety… I made some changes to the color, layout, and even a spiffy new banner at the top made for me by my dear husband!  I love it! If you read my blog in a reader, I hope you will pop over to the blog site and let me know what you think. 
     In addition to that, I had a nice long time on my plane ride back from the San Diego Comic Con to think about a lot of stuff about my art, so I also plan to take more photos and have them accompany my various posts.  I love blogs with at least one picture on the post.  I will admit my photography skills are less than stellar, but I think it will let me blog more often.  I would often like to blog but think that without a picture to go along with my post I lose interest in doing it.
     My website is not far behind as my dear hubby Joe is making me some new buttons along the side that go with my new theme.  I’ll give you a hint as to what is to come, as some of my new buttons will read “gallery”, “lectures”, “workshops” and “shop”.  Not everything is fleshed out yet, but I’m getting closer.
     In addition to the blog revamp, I’m planning a slight studio redo.  I have a very very limited budget, so this has to be done on the very cheap. I have some ideas in mind, so I’m anxious to get them worked through.  I’ll be sure to let you see the process pics and other details soon.
(And the flowers are coming along nicely, 3 more weeks until the wedding.)