Houston – day one!

Catherine and I were up at an ungodly hour to make our way to the airport to head to Houston.

After getting ourselves registered we stopped by the Quilting Arts booth right away to see the set up and double check my Open Studios schedule. Their booth has a great new digital set up so you can try out the new In Stitches magazine. So cool!

After that we went to check out my quilt in the Tactile Architecture exhibit. I am so pleased to have a quilt in this show.

I got to see many friends, like Judi Hurwitt and Kathy York!

During shopping, I was stopped at one point and asked “You do the light up quilts, don’t you?”. I was on cloud nine!!!

During my Open Studios time slot I had many people tell me they remembered me from last year and I had many great compliments. I was so flattered.
The QR code shirt was also a big hit and I have a lot of updates to my shop to do!