Houston – day Three and Four!

Can you believe I did it again?  I had every intention of posting both these days from the actual show… and well, the show was just too big to handle!

On Saturday, my Make It University class was held and I almost filled every seat.  I was super nervous, but it came off without too many hitches.  When dealing with electronics, if everyone’s project lights up, you know you’re OK, and I can say that everyone’s project did light up!
After that, Catherine and I had a nice lunch to celebrate, and we headed back into the show to spend some time whiling away the hours until the evening festivities: Surviving the Runway and Gala on the Green! 

Melly Testa was at the show and it just warms my heart to see her.  I LURVE Melly Mells, and I have no problem saying that it’s with her prodding that I went down this merry art path.  Here she is with Rice Zachary-Freeman and Judy Coates Perez, both fabulous artists too.

Judi Hurwitt, center, teaching; Deb Boschert to her left as a student!

Catherine took the Sketchbook Challenge Make It University class, which looked like loads of fun.  All my buddies were teaching: Jane LaFazio, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Jamie Fingal, Judi Hurwitt, and Sue Bleiweiss (whom I finally got to meet!).
The Twelve by 12 Exhibit at the show garnered rave reviews from everyone at the show.  It’s more fabulous in person, though their book is quite spectacular.  I got to meet Nikki Wheeler for the first time after reading her blog and following her online for so long. 
Finally it’s time for Surviving the Runway, and while I was a Judge/Assistant in the event, Catherine entered into the event, and was the grand prize winner!  I took pictures of the event with her camera, not mine, so you’ll have to check out her blog to see if she posts them.

After the fun of the Runway, we danced at Gala on the Green, held outside this time on a warm night.  We left to hit up the Hilton bar and people watch and had a great conversation with Robbi Joy Eklow.  It was a long, amazing day.

Sunday was much tamer by comparison, though getting all of our goodies into our bags should have been recorded for posterity.  It was hilarious how much stuff we were bringing home.  I think my feet were still hurting from the night before.  I made a last few rounds of the show floor and vendor floor, but decided not to buy anything else.  I spoke with Kirsten from Fiber on a Whim, one of my favorite shops, and also got to meet Susan Brubaker Knapp! 
While waiting for Catherine for a late lunch, I was joined by Leslie and Jamie and we all had a great time chatting while waiting for our server to come back from the depths of the kitchen to which she so often disappeared.  It was a nice lunch, great friends, and great end to our fabulous time.
The plane was full of returning quilters and we were exhausted but happy to get back to our own beds.
I will have many more recaps on specific things later this week, hope you enjoy!