Houston – Day Two

Yes, you can hear a fire alarm through earplugs.  I found this out at midnight last evening when the fire alarm was sounded in our hotel, only to have several all clear messages blasted through the building.  That made 6 am arrive way too early!

Off to Festival, and the day I took a class!  I will admit being in an all day class leaves little for photos, my dear readers, but I tried!

I took a class with the wonderful Traci Bautista called the Spilling Canvas. 

First we sprayed fabric paints and doodled on it. 

Then we doodled some more. 

It was a fun class and Traci is so wonderful.

At lunch, I toured the quilt show part of it.  As much as I would like to post photos of the quilts here, I do not have the names of all of the artists, so I will respect their copyright and not post them.  

Not to mention I am still learning my camera’s functions and they mostly turned out crappy. I did ask someone to take this for me…

I returned from lunch to go back to class.  Did you know I am afraid of escalators?  Well, not really phobic, but at least 3-4 steps will roll by before i can bring myself to step on.  They just creep me out.

After class I went to the Art Quilt Reception, and I met some wonderful art ladies and had a really nice time. So many artists: Robbi Eklow, Jamie Fingal, Judy Coates Perez, Pokey Bolton, Lois Jarvis, and so many more that I can’t type them all. A couple of glasses of this helped me get ready for show and tell.

At which I generally giggled TOO much and was WAY TOO NERVOUS for what I was doing, but I showed my new light up quilts (the ones from the gallery) to positive reviews and got to plug my Open Studios appearance.  I’m very pleased.  

We mingled and it was all very nice.

Then my roomie Amanda and I went out for dinner and more of this.

At which point I’m super exhausted and now getting ready to sleep.  Tomorrow is another BIG day, with the high attendance day of the show and my Open Studios appearance.  I’m so excited.