Houston Wrap-Up (and survival guide)

I have been back for a few days and am barely re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere, I was riding so high after Houston.
First off, I want to say hello to you if you are a new reader to my blog.  Hello!

Second, I know you want the show and tell of the remainder of the shopping I did in Houston.  Here goes!

I adore vintage linens.  I especially love getting a great deal on vintage linens, such as half off!  Two lovely crocheted edge pillowcases and a machine lace linen towel with my maiden name initial on it.

More fabric? Of course, and when it’s as adorable as this, HOW can you pass it up?  Absolutely wonderful Japanese kawaii (cute) characters and those little chubby babies!

I walked past a booth with vintage pincushions at least 10 times.  On Thursday I spotted this lovely porcelain one.  I thought “If it’s there Saturday, I will buy it”.  It was, and it’s now going to have a home in my studio, and will look great when my mini makeover is done.

I love mixed media supplies, and this shade of blue spoke to me.  It’s from Seditious Seraphim, and those ladies are a HOOT and a half.  I loved talking with them.

I go to a lot of tradeshows, and I love blingy things.  This zippery thing is a lanyard for your tradeshow badge! So clever!  I got it from the MistyFuse booth. 


This was by far the best giveaway at the show.  Bernina was giving these away and I made immediate use of it and throughout the entire show.  Water fountains were pretty plentiful in the convention center.
Here are my tips for surviving a big show like Houston:
-Wear the best most comfortable shoes you own that you have at least walked or stood in all day.
-Take lots of breaks.  Plan time in your day for just sitting, like a class or make it/take it, because you need time off your feet.
-Drink lots of fluids!  The convention center is very dry, it’s the conditioned air.  You need extra water….
– …which means you should find out where the bathrooms are.  I suggest the ones on the 3rd floor.  They are the least busy and have little to no lines.  The ones on the show floor were the worst.
-If you don’t like being jostled on the vendor floor, go early or go late.  See the quilts during the busy mid morning to afternoon hours. 
-Decide early if you are going to eat at the convention center or not.  If you are not too pooped, walk out of the convention and seek lunch closeby.  There were fewer lines etc. … BUT t’s not necessarily cheaper.  When I went to the LOUD pants Luncheon, the Chinese buffet we had was about $8 not including tip.  The con center had meals that were about $9.  Save yourself the walk for the extra buck and eat inside the con.  I found the food to be ok, and better than ANY convention center I have been to for a comic book show.  At those shows you survive on soft pretzel and hot dogs.  At the quilt show you could get salads, baked potatoes, stir-fry, or even BBQ sandwiches for $9.  Quilters, you don’t know how good you “got it”!