How I track my business receipts.

If you could see my office and studio right now, you’d back out slowly and think twice about coming back. It’s so messy around here right now! I have a ton of stuff to clean up.

It’s that time of year when you have to start gathering all the papers and receipts and get ready for the end of year stuff for your art business.
I started using this software called Wave because I wanted a way to track my business receipts. They have a super app for your phone (called Receipts, naturally) that allows you to take a picture of the receipt, and then assign it to one of your accounting categories. I love using it on the go since I travel so much! I came to use the rest of the software later.  Best of all?  It’s FREE.

I was never able to figure out how to use QuickBooks. My mind isn’t made for numbers. But I can record transactions and assign them to categories and see where my business stands for the year now, and that’s a win in my book!