How is your new year going so far?

I can tell you mine is off the charts!

So I am back in the swing of things and I have been trying to figure out the best way to get back into blogging.  I had a great end of 2012 and I’m off to the races on 2013. 

What’s been going on exactly?  Well…

I bought a car.  Not just any car, a 1973 Mustang Mach 1.  The car is 2 days younger than I am.  Speaking of which…

I am turning 40.  In about a week. The car turns 40 in about 2 weeks.  I am trying out some Bettie Page bangs. Hey, Michele Obama can rock some bangs, why can’t I? 

I put up my annual Japanese New Year’s Display, so Happy Year of the Snake!  Goodbye, Year of the Dragon!

My finger is much better (A hand sewing project under a deadline caused a repetitive motion injury back in May).  I have spent a lot of this winter hand quilting (poorly, I admit) on the quilt that is my very first quilt, which is also my very first UFO (unfinished object).  I have been rewatching Downton Abbey like crazy while I do it.  I love the Dowager Countess!

So that’s the update from me.  Check out my fancy dancy revamped website if you haven’t seen the new digs!