I May Need An Intervention…

While I work up the post on the amazing time I had at the Chicago Quilt Festival, I will show you part of my haul.
As you know I love vintage textiles, and I have a special affinity for special pieces. And pillowcases. My god, I love a good vintage pillowcase.
PillowcasesThese pillowcases are so awesome with these gorgeous inset crochet edges. Can you believe these were less than $18 a PAIR? Just on a lark I checked Bed Bath And Beyond’s website and they don’t sell them that cheap for NEW pillowcases.
hankiesI need hankies like I need a HOLE IN MY HEAD. Seriously, I have an addiction. But the cocktail napkin about the water cure is hilarious.

mutterliebeThen there’s this piece. OMG, it’s so wonderful. It says “Pure as the brightest gem is Mother’s love alone.”  It can also be translated as “Mother’s Love is as pure as a gemstone.”  It was a popular German embroidery from the early 1900’s.

redworkAnd these two panels for Good Morning and Good Night worked in redwork are perfectly executed. I plan to turn these into patterns in my shop soon!
What do you think? Do I need an intervention???