I swear I have been sewing…

File Dec 14, 11 06 56 PM Isn’t it strange how it can look like you aren’t doing anything, because you’re working on a ton of secret things that can’t be shown until it’s all done?  Well, that’s me lately.  I feel like I never have anything to show you guys.

I have been testing out the various feet for my BERNINA 750 QE, especially for piecing.  (Is that a hint, that it’s a piecing project?) I have gone back and forth on the #37D, the #57D (shown), and the #97D.  I think I finally settled that I like the #57D best.  My friends love, love, love that #97D but I found I was always removing the part that goes into the spot where you see two screws next to the throat plate.  For how often I change my foot, I prefer the guide, and the quick changability of the #57D.

In unrelated news, I put up my Christmas tree. 🙂 My cats are having a field day.

File Dec 14, 11 07 54 PM