I’m in the latest QUILTING ARTS!!!!

This was the HARDEST secret (that really ended up not being that secret) I have ever had to keep!!  Especially since subscribers got their issues a few days ago and have been emailing me, and messaging me on Facebook, and even commenting here!
My article was picked up for the 10th anniversary issue of Quilting Arts!  
I’m so excited, I can barely stand it!
It’s available from quilt shops, all the major bookstores, and Quilting Art’s website.  Please go out and get a copy!  
There’s a few cool giveaways I’m planning this month, so get ready, because it’s gonna be an awesome time here!  There’s not enough exclamation points for me to express how cool this is for me! !!!  
This is literally a dream come true.  It’s also one of my major art goals achieved.  Remember way back when when I said I had a dream about this?  I didn’t tell you that the dream resulted in me NOT getting into the magazine.  I was so upset about the dream, and I knew that I would never know how it would really turn out unless I actually submitted the article.  I know many of you replied to my “should I or shouldn’t I” blog post, and I thank you for spurring me on!  
Please let me know what you think of the article, and I will be back with lots of giveaways and fun stuff!  No, really!  Check back often!!!