I’m on vacation!!

A much needed respite before my workload takes off in comic book land.
I am happy to be on vacation, at home, not going anywhere, and just relaxing and making art. The IQA Chicago show is also this week, so I am ready to immerse myself in the artworks and fantastic classes I’m going to be taking at the show. I may make a “tiara” for the tiara parade at the Quilt Artists reception I am attending too. I have a couple of days to figure one out….

Last night my husband and I relaxed in front of the TV with the most midless drvel on so we could paint and quilt repectively. I am still hand quilting the beast of a quilt that is my very first quilt top. I have to admit, my hand is cramped up after hours of hand quilting, of which I am still not any good at. This quilt is hideous too. Points don’t match, I knew nothing about ironing seams to any particular side, and the fact that it’s mostly flat without puckers is amazing. I don’t know if I can work on it tonight or not, my poor fingers need a break.