It’s time to “Spring Clean Your Studios” again!

springcleanyourstudioAh yes, that lovely time of year that you realize your studio is one giant pile o’ mess and it’s got to get cleaned somehow!  Every year I run a “Spring Clean your Studio” blog hop, and this year is NO DIFFERENT, except YOU get to clean and show us your studios too!  More about that in a second….

Here’s the fabulous hoppers you’ll be seeing on this fabulous studio tour.  These brave and fine folks have offered to show you the “before and after” of their studios, and tell you a little about themselves on the way.  I’m so honored to have these fine peeps as my friends, and if you are new to them, please check out their blogs and say hello.

April 20th- Toni Smith –
April 21st – Sam Hunter –
April 22nd – Tracey Mooney –
April 23rd – Pepper Cory –
April 24th – Lisa Chin –
April 25th – Andrea Davis –
April 26th – Misty Cole –
April 27th – Amalia Morusiewicz –
April 28th – Jenelle Montilone –
April 29th – Cheryl Sleboda –

Now here’s the COOL PART…  On the last day, you get to post YOUR blog address on my post, and you get to take part in the spring cleaning blog hop too!  So you have 10 days to clean up, but don’t forget to take some before and after pictures!!

I hope you’ll join us here on that day and be sure to visit our other hopping cleaners!