Know when to walk away…know when to run

I stopped work on the Town and Country entry today. It was hard to do. Not for the sense of any “failure” or anything, but I knew what the judging would say was wrong with it, and in order to fix it I would need more time. In essence, I was not happy to continue pushing the entry out if it was not going to be my best work.

However, I will have other entries for other shows ready to enter, so all is not lost. it was the largest of all the projects. When complete, it will be beautiful.
In the meantime, I finished another “pomegranate” quilt. The edges are not that wonky, it just smooshed when the scanner lid pressed the beads.

Not only did I make that and bead it and have fun with the texture of the flesh this weekend, but I finished my ATC for the CYBER FYBER exhibit for Susan Lenz’s show. I am very happy with the card, and hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed making it.

My sister and I “got our craft on” by making our sweetheart’s Valentines today. Thank you Martha Stewart for your lovely inspiration (honey, don’t click the link). DSister has been doing some awesome embroidery, she totally rocks.