Letters – One of my resolutions

When I was young, I loved getting letters.  I loved writing letters too.  I had many pen pals.  I saved all of my letters, including all of the notes passed to me in High School, and they have traveled with me the many times I have moved. My friends who have helped me move have all had a laugh over the boxes labeled “old mail” and “high school notes”.  I keep all personal mail sent to me: cards, postcards, letters, all of it…
When I lived in Baltimore, I wrote my sister (who had just started college) a postcard about once a month.  Sometimes I got one back.  Those were “good mail days”.  I always thought it would be fun in our old age to laugh over a shoebox of old postcards we wrote to each other.  I was sad it didn’t last and now I live about an hour away from her. Emails or texting takes place of that random postcard.
I also LOVE stationery.  I have a box full of that too.  Some of it’s very old, from when I was a kid and had all pink, candy-colored note sets.  Some, I just bought.  Some I have only one left of and can’t bear to write on!  
I tried Postcrossing a while ago, and got some neat postcards from all over the world.  But sometimes you want a personal letter and that’s what I’m planning to do.
This year, I plan to write a letter/postcard/note a week.  Some are letters long overdue.  Some are for friends I know would love to get one. And some may be to a stranger I have just met.
If you’d like a letter, send me an email (in my profile in the upper left) with your address and I will add you to the queue. No promises! 🙂