Like Gwen Stefani says

Super kawaii…means super cute in Japanese.

I listened to “Harajuku Girls” while making these cards. Kawaii swap in the bag!

I’m running out of the fabric quickly, so no more cards from it until I make one for myself. I had fun beading them too.

Now, the Zetti swap will be started tonight, as well as the skteching/beginning of a new purse, and more work on the shrine thing.

I think I may have found what to do for the Precious Fabric round robin, using a Japanese Notan technique. Got this from looking up how to make wool felted beads instead of buying them.
Notan is the play of light and dark, often mistaken for silhouettes.

Here is a neat Notan square. I wanted to use black in the precious fabric thing, so I’ll see what happens.
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