Like the Pearl Earring

In the book (and maybe the movie, I can’t remember) Girl with A Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier (whom I have had the pleasure to meet and have her sign my copy), there is the ear piercing scene to prepare the main character, Griet, for the famous portrait.
In the scene in the book though, Vermeer makes Griet pierce her other ear as well. It is not in the painting, but Vermeer knows that without the earring in the other ear, Griet’s portrait would seem off somehow. Be it the tilt of her head or whatever, but Vermeer would know, and therefore the audience of his painting would know, that the other earring was not there.
That’s how my Town and Country quilt is going. A large section of the piecing I am doing will be covered up, and initially planned to put muslin or some other non-descript fabric there. But I would know that I didn’t finish the piecing under that section. I would know, and so would the audience of my quilt. So I am finishing the piecing before moving on with the project.