Lil Bub (and stuff)

lilbubIf you went to Chicago’s Quilt Festival, during my “Cartooning for Quilters” Open Studios times I worked on this “Lil Bub” quilt as part of my Internet Meme series.  Lil Bub is an adorable “permakitten” who was born without teeth, extra toes, dwarfism, and many other strange features that add up to one adorable cat.  She (yes SHE) was rescued by her “Dude” and the rest is internet history.  She’s got a huge following and raises lots of money for animal rescue charities.
bubsketchMy Bub quilt started out as a drawing on a Post-It note and I enlarged it to make my cartoon.  If you saw me working on it, you know the rest.
Some other stuff going on….  It’s almost San Diego Comic Con time, and things are super busy.  But I got my monthly newsletter back up and running, and sent the latest version out last week.  I send one a month, and you can sign up here.  There’s a quilt coming back from one show and possibly going to another, and I’m still taking bookings for lectures and workshops in 2014.  Lots more secret stuff in the works.  Operation EVIL has stalled, to the point of possible “no return”, but many other projects are taking it’s place!  As soon as they have codenames, I’ll let you know. };)