I know it’s been forever since I posted any work to the blog, so here’s a new beauty.  This quilt is called “Misunderstood”.  It’s got a giant QR code in the center, which you can scan with your smartphone.  I’ll let you figure out what it says, but it’s a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche.  I don’t know why his quotes seem to fit my work so well. I bet there’s some underlying psychological thing to that.  

Anyway, this quilt was made specifically for the “Art and Science: Stitched Together” show by my local SAQA chapter.  I wanted to depict Computer science, since that’s the field I technically work in for the comic book industry.  I also work with bar codes, so using a QR code was also important to me.  I printed the QR code onto fabric, and then hand beaded the circuit board traces.