Mitsuwa Grocery store… or Prepping for Hina Matsuri

One of the most popular posts on my blog is this one about Hina Matsuri, or Girls Day in Japan.  As March 3rd approaches, I am slowly putting up my Hina doll display, and took a trip to Mitsuwa, our local Japanese grocer (which is not so local to me, it’s an hour drive).  I love Mitsuwa.  I can’t read any of the signs unless they are also in English, and half the time we buy stuff we have no idea what it is, but it looks good, smells good, and other people are buying it.  
Mitsuwa is having it’s anniversary this week, and they had these special pastries from the pastry shop inside.  They looked like apples and had a creme/apple filling inside.  It was so wonderful, and they are only around for a short time at the store inside Mitsuwa (which is called Pastry House Hippo… love that!).
Also inside Mitsuwa is a Japanese bookstore, called Books Sanseido.  They have Japanese quilting books and quilt magazines!  I love to go in and browse, and I eventually come out with a couple of things.  Japanese magazines are really expensive, so I only buy one or two.  
Later on I will post my Hina display!