Monthly Quilt #2- "Legend" by Ridley Scott

I guess you could say my theme for my monthly quilts are “personal shrines”. This is another thing that I absolutely love.

I love the movie Legend, directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry. It is my favorite movie, and even though it was released in 1985, and I was 12 years old, I still love it. Tim Curry is amazing as Darkness, the creature trying to extingiush all light from the world. I think he’s my husband’s favorite villain, besides Darth Vader.
Now, for many years I wanted to wear the black wedding dress Mia Sara’s character Lili wears in the movie, but I recognize I am not built for this task. However, I wanted that dress in my quilt. Strangely enough in these internet days no production still exist of the dress, nor any costumer’s sketches. The image of Lili is taken from the back of the Tangerine Dream soundtrack CD, which I prefer over the “original” score by Jerry Goldsmith.
I’m attaching a clip for you to enjoy, of my favorite scene: