Monthly Quilt – Little Twin Stars

Oh my gosh, how can I describe loving Little Twin Stars as a child? Who am I kidding? I love them even now! Kiki and Lala (respectively) are part of who I am when it comes to artwork. I copied Lala’s pink hairstyle onto countless characters of my own as a kid, winning me some coveted ribbons in the 4th grade Art Fair. I still collect what I can from Sanrio that bear Little Twin Stars. In the theme of “shrines”, as a child I lined up all of my LTS merchandise on a special shelf in my room, and still have all of that stuff to this day.

I have these “diaper pins” from ages ago, and they say copyright 1978 on the back, but I know they are not that old. Since April was the “recycling” theme, and because I didn’t have much time to put this one together, I used a piece of stationery I have and adhered it to the fabric using gel medium that I added some iridescent medium to. The result was quite flexible and still sewable.
These monthly “shrine” quilts are so much fun to think of. “Gee, what do I really really love? What have I loved for as long as I can remember?” This has been a neat project to do.