My article in In Stitches e-Mag (Blog Tour Stop #3!)

InStitches Vol 5 on my iPad!

Hey, there!  Welcome to my blog if you are new, I’m stop #3 on the In Stitches blog tour!  My regulars may remember when I said I had a dream about submitting an article to Quilting Arts, and the dream had a different ending than I wanted.  Well, at the time, my goal was getting into the magazine itself.  But what the dream actually was about was getting into the new digital magazine by Quilting Arts called In Stitches
In the dream, I was disappointed, because I had never tried an issue, so I thought it would be a “lesser” product. Let me stress that… in the DREAM I was upset…. but I also had no idea what the magazine was about.  I can tell you now that I WAS WRONG.  The digital issues, of which I have now collected them all, are actually really fabulous.  They are full of videos to watch, interactive articles, and so much more.  It’s really expanding on the magazine experience, and I really, really love it.  It’s incredibly innovative, and now I’m thrilled to have be a part of it. 

I’m also happy to say that this is another “dream come true” as my article on how to use Electroluminescent Wire in quilts is in the latest issue! This really could not be done any other way, as these light up quilts are so hard to see in print.

I am so BLOWN AWAY by how cool this digital magazine is.  My article has “light switches” to see the quilts both on and off.  Isn’t that COOL? QA did a great job making my article looks so wonderful, that I can’t find enough exclamation points to describe how cool it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The whole issue is great and I know you will love the interactivity of it.
I know you want to know where to get your very own copy of this for your PC or Mac, so click here to go to the Quilting Arts website to get one.  Also, look for it in your iTunes app for your iPad! (Search for Interweave in the app store.)
If you have a digital video camera, or know someone who does, and have something unique to share, I really suggest you consider submitting an article.  QA is a fantastic team to work with.
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