My friends have a new book out about Trademarks!

Elizabeth Townsend Gard and her kid Sidne Gard have been friends of mine for a long time now. Elizabeth and I met after a Quilt Market some years ago, and I have been honored to have stayed at their house for an event in New Orleans. Elizabeth visited my house on a separate occasion as Sidne was choosing Chicago as a possible location for their college degree. We have had some good times together.

Aside from all of that, Elizabeth is a professor of trademark and copyright law at Tulane University. I have had both the fortune and misfortune of having to reach out to her and her teams to find legal help several times over the years. From people copying my distinctive logos to weird situations regarding my sewing classes being copied, my little business has been the recipient of wise advise and helpful direction on my legal questions. When I did have to engage an attorney, I was always ready with Elizabeth’s helpful ideas.

Elizabeth has always thought that the creative community needed advice and tutorials on how to apply for trademarks, and general knowledge on what trademarks mean and what they protect. I agree! And finally, Elizabeth and Sidne have created just that manual.

Back when I launched Sew Much Cosplay®, I needed to trademark the name as part of the license agreement. Oh, how I wish this book was available at the time. It would have demystified the process! I did both a mark on the name “Sew Much Cosplay” and the logo for the brand. My trademark from the USPTO office hangs proudly in my office! The book takes you through that same process.

Be sure to grab yourself a copy of the book, which you can do so here!