My Kadomatsu and Year of the Tiger display

I forgot to post pictures of the kadomatsu display I put up this new year.  I have a cute animal zodiac figurine set from Japan and I got to put up the adorable cute tiger for 2010.  
I got some kadomatsu this year to add to my little display, which resides in my china cabinet.  You may remember my kadomatsu quilt from last year’s weekly Japanese culture series of weekly quilts.  Now you can see what I was trying to depict. Kadomatsu means “gate pine” and is used in doorways to attract spirits to them.

You are supposed to put them up after Christmas and take them down on January 7th.  Traditionally you burn them after the 15th to release the spirits inside, but as mine are plastic I doubt they were made to be burned.

I’m going on a quilt retreat this weekend and am super stoked to get some things finished up!