My maiden name- Buechele- and High School

And now for a non quilt related post.
You know, over on Facebook, we’re practically having a Bremen High School 1991 reunion. I have found a few high school friends I haven’t been in touch with in years! So weird. But then I found that I must be darned hard to locate since I’m listed by my married name, not my maiden name. So if you’re looking for me on teh Google, it’s me, Cheryl Buechele, nerd extraordinaire.
Oh, and if Joan Krysinski ever Googles herself and finds herself here, I’d love to be in touch. Mrs. Krysinski once made us write a paper on our personal hero (or heroine). I didn’t know it at the time that she would become mine. The moment it happened, I have to admit, was the senior AP English outing we had at her home in Crete, by her swimming pool. Mrs. Krysinski asked me what I had planned for my summer. I told her that I was going to audition for a play. I really had only “thought” about auditioning, and was a bit chicken to do it. The moment I said it to her, I knew I had to do it. I did audition, I got a part, and went to that school for college. My theatre career landed me at Soupstone Productions in Downer’s Grove at the Tivoli Theater, but it wasn’t a job that I could live on. I then went to retail full time at Gamers Paradise in Villa Park. That’s how I met DH, and moved to Baltimore. So, long story short, all I ever needed was a kick in the tail to do one thing. That one thing led me here…
And if any her former AP English students want a copy of her Valediction to her 1991 AP English class, I still have mine and can get you a copy.