My Shop Got an Update!

If you haven’t been by the shop lately, I have all new stuff.  Not only are there are new Sewing Skull mugs and tape measures, but I’ve also added something super exciting that I am really proud of – the all NEW Heirloom Smocking Template!


Mmmm… coffee….

I put a lot of work, research, and effort into the Template, and it’s finally here!

I’ve really enjoyed learning about smocking, and have wanted to share what I’ve learned with other people, but I felt like there had to be a way to make it easier and faster for others.  Well, this template is my way of doing just that. The Template cuts soooo much time out of my smocking projects, and now I can share it with others so that they can see that smocking is easy and fun.


Head on over to the shop and check out the goodies!