My Studio

One of the amazing things about moving from Baltimore to Chicago again was the vast difference in land and home prices. Baltimore is an expensive city to live in/near, because of the proximity to Washington DC and other East Coast lovely cities. Maryland is a small state with limited land available to develop.
Chicago’s metro area, on the other hand, is constantly expanding further south and west, where we have landed on a former farm-turned-housing-development. Our 2 bedroom, 1000 sq. ft townhouse was sold to get us a 4 bedroom, 2600 sq. ft single family home. Quite a difference.
One thing I was able to get out of the deal was a room of my own to sew in. DH and I shared the second bedroom for all of our hobbies, and it was quite cramped. Now, we each have our own space. My “studio” was the former owner’s daughter’s room. It’s purple and green, and that suits me just fine. I am still working on lighting options, but here’s a peek at the room:
This is the fabric stash. The colorful pile on the floor is recently used fabric that needs to be refolded and put in it’s color bin. The top plastic rows hold tools, beads, fibers and other goodies. The door leads to the walk in closet.

Opposite that wall is my sewing table, made from an old computer desk. I can cut on the one side and the keyboard drop has been modified to match the bed of my sewing machine. The Iron and ironing board is in front of the window.
This is my now too small design wall. I plan to get a larger piece of batting to tack up to put the designs on. Note my funny looking radio. I have to say it’s the best sound from a boom box you can get.
Another Ikea find is this curtain system turned art show. The wires hold removable clips that allows me to change out my inspiration at any time.
On the wall behind where I sew are some framed ATCs from some of my favorite artists and a pair of painted cherubs that date from my childhood bedroom.
Lest you think I was the model of cleanliness in such a space, this is the walk in closet. I fought to get this room for this closet, whose baby changing table/shelf makes the perfect cutting surface. However it’s always covered like this, and hopefully one day this will get cleaned out!
So there you have my sewing space! I hope you enjoyed the tour!