New Products in the Shop!

I’m very excited to have released a bunch of awesome new products this fall!  Here’s a sampling!

cheryl NYGQThe “Not Your Grandmother’s Quilter” t shirt shows the world that you are not the typical quilter, but one that blazes your own trail!  Even if you do heirloom techniques (like I do) or avate garde art quilts, tell the world you are putting your own twist on it!  Get yours here.

NEW FROM MUPPIN.COM!There’s also a new Sewing Skull in the shop!  This skull design is made up of your favorite sewing tools!  Perfect for the rock n roll quilter in your life. The skull is the same design as the one in my original sewing skull.  Notice the smocking template in there? I had to.  Couldn’t resist…  Get yours here. 

IMG_5995In the Fabric Manipulation shop, there’s all new patterns for your smocking template as well as the coolest new thread conditioner on the market!  Well, it’s actually the oldest thread conditioner, since it’s made of 100% beeswax, just like your grandmother used to use!  Comes in a convenient lip balm tube so you can use very bit of it.  No more digging in the bottom of a tub. Get yours here! 

5+Light+PacksThere’s a TON of new LED products in the ETextile shop.  All new sensors and the paper version of my ETextile book!  Sew Much Fun! Check them out here.

is now for sale onLastly, there’s a new category! My other business, Sew Much Cosplay, has some awesome products for both cosplay and quilting.  I am in love with the line, and am proud to carry everything in my own shop. Check out the Cosplay Shop here! 

I hope there’s something for everyone in the shop, so please visit and let me know what you think!